Updated: 06/24/2024
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Y99 Chat

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8/10 1/10 HTML5
Adult Video Audio
Mobile Friend list Community features

Y99 popped up on in Google relatively high for common chat keywords, so they must be doing something right. It doesn’t give you a large amount of information before you enter the site, however once in the site there are articles written by chatters that are awesome guides. The show you how to deal l with overzealous chatters, give you advice on your first day of chat, and give you a moderator command list so you can moderate for yourself. While helpful this makes me nervous that the site isn’t doing its own moderation. On top of that they ask for donations to help keep the chat going, while being an ad supported website, I kind of find this tacky, you're either ad supported and funded that way, or you ask for donations, not both.

Upon entering the chat I notice that the chatters are very young. The default room is that they threw me in had children in it, so if you are looking for an adult chat only site, this is not it. They do have a room list however, next to the chat screen and it’s fairly easy to move into another room. While they do have rooms geared towards both teens, and adults.

The rooms aren’t bad, but as I feared, there is virtually no moderating happening in this site. There’s spamming, kids in the adults room, and adults asking for illegal content in regards to the children. The adult chat room seems to be more of a teen chat room and the teen chat room seems to be overrun by the adults. The size of all the rooms are actually fairly small. The most popular room on the site, The Lobby, has between 150- 180 chatters. Without the spam I would fear they wouldn’t move at all.

This site has potential to grow, but it is lacking things that I look for in a chat site. It doesn’t offer any sort of video chat, pics or audio, however it is mobile chat compatible. I think it would be great as a starter chat of sorts, but in the long run, it just doesn’t offer enough to keep me interested.

I wouldn’t come back. The site isn’t bad, but it just doesn’t live up to what it should be. Maybe if it was moderated better, I could see it being a great site for teens. The articles are great. I wish more sites had that option. As is though, I wouldn’t come back.

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