Updated: 06/24/2024
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Wire Club

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Wireclub is one of those chat sites that I think has been around for a while, but no one ever talks about. It’s interactive, and has fun things, but there is a lot to be desired when it comes to making a connection with anyone there. There are games and forums on this site as well. This site is one of the few that you actually have to register to be able to use. It also seems to be family friendly.

There is a lot happening on their homepage, but it’s not overwhelming. It has the rooms listed as well as games that you can play. The busiest room they have is up to 200 chatters while other rooms rest between the 75-175 chatter range. They also have the option to make your own chat rooms, and they advertise your rooms with the regular rooms.

It can be overwhelming just picking a room, as they have a room for everything here. One thing I notice as I am scrolling the site is that there is adult content here, even though the site states that it is family friendly. This kind of thing really worries me, because it’s almost a sign that the moderation of the site is going to be bad.

A room I started out in was Private Chat Lobby. The first thing I notice is that it tells you that the room is being moderated, but there was some extreme trolling happening. It moves fast and I don’t see any bots or anything illegal happening in the room. Something else I will state is that everyday that you sign in on this site, you get tickets to play bingo in their bingo room.

The more I explore the site, the more that there is to see. It can be overwhelming. They have slots and blackjack, bingo and Words with Friends. If you can’t find anything to chat about, you could probably play a game or explore their forum, which doesn’t seem very busy, but has posts for about anything.

One thing that I did notice, which is throwing me off, since there is a large amount of technology on this site, is that they don’t have any way to share your media content. There is no way to cam chat or voice chat on this site, nor have I seen anywhere to upload pics and gifs outside your profile avatar.

I mean, it’s an okay site, but I have had more enjoyable experiences in chat rooms with less technology happening. I love that there are so many things to do on the site other than chat, but I have a hard time really understand what group the site caters to. I would chat there again, but not regularly.

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