Updated: 06/24/2024
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Uk Chat

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Since 1997 Uk Chat has provided free online live chat rooms. Mobile compatible video and audio free chat rooms for all, no registration required.

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5/10 5/10 HTML5
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If you're looking for a clean UK based chat room, there is none better than UkChat.com. The oldest and most respected Uk Chat community, it's been around for a very long time, one of the oldest chat sites infact. It houses clean chat rooms but dedicated to adults only, 18+

The layout of the home page is clean and easy to use. It gives a brief history about the site, has a pull down with the chat rooms listed, and an area where you can read updates on the site. The ads are clean in nature and are more click baitish than anything else. From the top you can see that this site, like several others has a forum. The site rules are PG13, although the site is 18 plus.

When logging in you are required to click that you have read the terms of use, and that you are over 18. There are several rooms at this site, and all of them are for mainstream chatting. While in the lobby I fell into a conversation about politics, and several points were argued, everyone came out happy, and then we started talking about music. It is very mellow and relaxed in there.

I had great luck in The Lobby so I went into the Young At Heart room. This room seems more secluded compared to Lobby, and while the chatters do chat amongst themselves, I don’t think they are used to newer chatters in this room, because they were a bit rigid. However they were still friendly. This chat room is a guest free room, with a lack of swearing, if swearing isn't your thing.

Great news for Trivia fans! This site has one of the best trivia rooms I have ever encountered. The questions have a wide range of difficulty, and the trivia bot keeps you on your toes. Not only is it friendly, the users are friendly. Something else that is great about this site is that it also has the ability for you to make your own chat rooms. If you want to have a group chat without the strangers, this is a great option.

Another thing that is noteworthy about this site is that it has a growing LGBT community, showing that it is welcoming to all genders and sexualitiesl. It has a solid gay chat and lesbian chat community I felt extremely comfortable in there talking to others who are part of my community.

I went and scoped out the forum, and it just seems like all the great convos that are had in the chat rooms are carried on into it. It’s clean and organized and fun to read, just like this site. I’ll be back for more!

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