Updated: 06/24/2024
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Free online web and mobile chat rooms. No registration required chat rooms including sex chat, adult chat and video chat

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Online Free Chat has probably the most informative home page of any free chat site I have ever seen. It has a link at the top right to register if you want to hop in straight away, however, it is NOT a requirement. The home page lists all the rooms, which includes an option to make your own room, and it even has a trivia room. Please understand that this is an 18 plus site for adult chat and sex chat, but, unlike a lot of the other sites, you aren't being attacked by ads on the home page. A feature I love, owner gives advice on how to operate your own chat rooms.

Naturally, I went into the sex chat to start with. When logging in, it does list the terms of use and gives you a toggle to click stating that you agree to the terms and that you are over the age of 18. Also popping up was an advertisement, but that is easily clicked off and luckily didn't come back. Upon entering the room I see plenty of human moderators that actually engaged in the chat, as well as many users chatting. I feel comfortable enough to chat in the room because everyone is friendly. One of the things I noticed is that the chatters seem to actually be chatters and not spam bots. That in itself is a huge plus to me.

The chatter numbers are smaller compared to a few of the other sites I’ve been to, with 170 in the sex chat, however that could be great if you prefer a slower more intimate room. The next room I went into was Roleplay. Several underage chatters are banned while I was there. As you can see, the mods are very active. This room also has a smaller chatter count than I was used to, however it moves. The chatters are friendly and the room has a welcoming feel to it. I am easily able to engage in chats with both girls and guys. Even a moderator joined it. It was a great chat experience. I had so much fun!

The next room I explored was the Trivia room. I love trivia, so this was an exciting room to see. There are users playing, so there is plenty of competition, and the questions are challenging. My only complaint was that you need to trigger the bot after every question, but I can get past that.

The last thing I wanted to do while I was in the chat area was to open my own room up. I love that this is an option, but I wish it was easier to figure out. After playing around with the drop down menu, I discovered how to open my room, you just have to go under the menu. After clicking "my room" It opens up to your own room, with instructions on how to use it, and how to mod it. This could be the coolest so far.

When you are done with chatting, or you just aren't interested in chatting for the day, this site also has a forum. The forum has a little bit of everything! Whether you are looking for threads to hook up, or threads to just hang out and be apart of, they all exist. There were game threads that I actually registered to be a part of. There doesn't seem to be much drama at this site. This is also a huge plus! The chat rooms do allow you to upload your own media content, and the forums allow photos and gifs.

I would definitely come back here. Everyone is friendly and helpful and great to chat with. If I am not feeling up to chatting privately, I can shut off my dm’s and chat in the main. Something awesome that I discovered is that I can chat on my phone! So convenient. I’ll be coming back here soon!

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