Updated: 04/15/2024
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MocoSpace Chat

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Mocospace is the first chat I have been where they insist you register before even trying it. The homepage seems the most professional, however there are several things that I absolutely hate about it from the start. Mostly that they post my location to get into the chat rooms. This could be a deal breaker for some. Another thing that I hate is that it actually sent friend requests to people that I do not know without my knowledge. I am just very not impressed with this entire site.

Upon trying to enter a chat room, I found that I have to verify my phone number. The way they have my location posted for all to see, I am wary about posting my phone number. The do give alternatives including signing in with your Facebook or texting them, but even after having them verify my account with my Facebook, it is still telling me to add a phone number. So while I am no longer interested in giving a phone number, or frankly any sort of personal information, but I did like their unique chat site design, and the site did have things I was still interested in.

I gave the site all the personal information that I was interested in giving it, and it still wouldn’t let me into the chat rooms. Even worse, it constantly shilled a VIP package which supposedly gave you severn days free, and then charged for all the added benefits. To say that I am not interested or impressed is a monumental understatement.

The amount of personal information they are asking for is, in my decided opinion, just not worth it to go into a room with only 48 chatters in it. They show users that are in your general area as well and to me, and, to me, that’s just asking to get a stalker. It’s basically a Facebook for strangers. If you are okay with giving a site the same information you need to give the consulate to get a visa, you will love this chat.

It's clear Mocospace is trying to bridge the gap between social media and chat rooms, which quite frankly does not work. Social media is about connecting with friends and family members, this is where it's justified to request such personal information from individuals. Chat rooms are geared more toward online random chat, It's just not mixing very well.

To me, it’s just not worth it. I never made it into a chat room, and frankly I am more than okay with that, because as soon as I am done typing this, I am going to go shut down my account there. This site is a hard pass for me. There are much better out there that require a lot less out of their chatters, and I am more than happy to go there.

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