Updated: 06/24/2024
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i Sexy Chat

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Adult Sex Chat Website. Join adult sex chat rooms to enjoy live sex chats, erotic chats, gay sex chats

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When you land on the homepage of iSexyChat, the layout seems nice and inviting. There are beautiful girls there to meet you, there are questions asked to specify exactly what you are looking for. There certainly is a lot of eye candy. When signing in you don't have to register an account. You just put in a name and you're in!

The rooms are laid out on the home page. Everything up until this point is very user friendly. Once you are in the rooms however, it's a different story altogether. I wouldn't call it chaos because I am an experienced chatter just trying out different sites, but if I was looking at it through the fresh eyes of a newer chatter, I would have been overwhelmed. Not thirty seconds in, and I was sent links from bots. I only saw one moderator, and they didn’t like having the bots pointed out, so I was kicked from the room. The bots remained. I don't mind stating that the moderation was less than impressive.

One other thing I wasn't the hugest fan of was the lack of option in the media field. There were no mic or cam options, and in order to post a pic, you must either directly post the link or use Photobucket. Something else that I didn't like, was when I pressing a button for a chat room that, it sent me to a completely different site. It confused me enough that I said no thanks to the whole thing and went back to the original site.

I do absolutely love that you can change your chat name, although that can be confusing. The most worrisome thing, is that chatters have a who is option, where they can see anyone's host name, and also when people are banned, they show your IP addresses to the other users of the chat rooms. To me, this could be a definite deal breaker. The fact that any chatter can find your area would open anyone up for a stalker or two. It’s not secure at all.

The rules are posted and clear, but there is no way to really report anyone, and when you point out something to the moderators, they don’t really like it. I might be a salty guy about this, because I was kicked out for reporting. You get the idea.

This isn’t the site for me. I was too focused on the negatives to even enjoy the positives, and personally, that just ruins the experience for me. I hope they stop sharing IP addresses, because that could cause serious trouble for people down the road.

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