Updated: 07/22/2024
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One of the most popular live chat sites online.

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If you Google search just about any popular chat phrase, chat, free chat, adult chat, video chat, This website comes up first, so it has a lot to live up to. It’s one of the oldest and I think best free chat sites online, I remember chatting there back almost 20 years ago, how many other chat sites have been around that long? It’s nice to see it not just surviving but thriving, with thousands of users. Free Chat Now is still just as easy to use as I remember, and while it’s been updated for the modern devices and browsers, it’s still got a clean and fresh layout, with all the links and wording straight to the point.

First thing that you should know about Free Chat Now is that it is adults only. The homepage has the rooms seperated by interest, with eleven rooms and a forum listed. Above that are links to the forum, chat, chat and blog, and also an in depth support page. Everything you’d need and everything you’d expect. When you click on the chat link, when trying to enter the chat rooms, you have room choices like Adult Chat, Singles Chat, Sex Chat and Roleplay. When you click on the room that you want to enter, it brings you into the login area. I didn’t have to register for anything. Please let me repeat that. I didn’t have to register for anything! I just had to type in my name, gender, age, and I was in!

Some of the awesome things about the site are that you can register using the link under the menu, the rooms are all hopping because there are thousands of chatters, and there is content for everyone to use, making me feel like I could talk about anything. The moderators seem to be on top of their game, and they communicate with the chatters, which makes me feel that they are able to keep out the undesirables, and have a better understanding of the chat scene in general.

As a woman what I really like is that the site is female friendly. As a female chatter, I can tell you that it is hard to find a chat where women are more than folklore. They actually exist here, and are treated well! In my years surfing the web on different sites, I have found it hard to find a place where I could have a good, sexy, ADULT chat and still have good pillow talk later.

Negatives? I’d have to say the size in of some of the rooms. The largest room I went into was Sex Chat. It was enjoyable, don’t get me wrong, but there were over a thousand users , so it was hard for me to keep up at times, however when i explored a bit I found the adult chat room, the singles room and the roleplay room, which were more my speed.

The site can be overwhelming for the new users, with so much to see and do. However, if you do find the chat rooms on the site to be a bit too much for you, they have a very, very good forum with many threads, ranging from hookups and kinks, to fun adult games and communication from the admin. It gives you the chance to have a page of your own, with your own profile picture and content. It is slow and laid back. My favorite thing was that the forum has its own community that had fun, sexy games that had me giggling for hours.

The site does have the ability to share media content, including mic'ing and camming. I tested out camming and it was so much fun. I actually felt comfortable around the chatters who joined me. It almost felt like having a video party with new friends from everywhere! Also the site allows mobile chatting, although no phone camming for the IoS system,

All in all, I really enjoyed this site, and would definitely visit it again in the future!

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