Updated: 05/24/2024
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E Chat

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E-chat is a chat rooms website, where people talk online with each other on various topics.

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0/10 9/10 HTML5
Adult Video Audio
Mobile Friend list Community features

Everything about e-chat seems very basic. There is a place to log in or sign up, but again it’s just very cut and dry. When you put in your name it takes you to a list of chat rooms on the site. I am very pleasantly surprised that there are quite a few rooms and most of them seem to be nicely populated. This site doesn’t state that it is 18 plus, however it does seem to be the theme.

The first room I go into is the sex chat room. The first thing that I notice is that it's not moderated. I didn’t see many bots, however there is questionable content being posted. Everything chat wise seems very basic, if not barely there. When i go to register, it tells me that there is a server error. It does give you the option to upload an avatar for your chat account as a guest, which was pretty neat, however I don’t see any way to post pics, video chat, or use audio. Also this site was not set up for chatting via cell phone. It’s not impossible, but it is more difficult.

The next room I went into was the general chat room. It moves well, but that is probably because of the bots and trolls. If you are newer, this room is probably not for you.

There is a teen chat room, which ruins my belief that this is an 18 plus site, and the room is populated well. I don’t think that this room is for younger teens judging by the content, but like I touched on before, there is no specific age requirement posted throughout the site. Again there are no moderators in here.

There just isn’t much to this site. Everything is very basic, however, it is user friendly. I would like to see less bots, trolls and illegal content in the chat rooms, but even with all of that it’s not a bad site. It does give you the ability to make your own room, with instructions on how to invite your friends. The site does state that they are looking into more features, which i would actually be interested in seeing.

I like this site. I’d come back here just to see if things improved but it's clear that the developers have given up on it. The downsides are the lack of being able to upload anything, and the trolls that are everywhere. I also think that if a chat site is going to have minors and adults chatting, there needs to be human moderation and more informed documentation on the site as a whole and individual chat room pages.

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