Updated: 05/24/2024
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Chat ZoZo

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Free Sex Chat Room, Adult Chat, Video Chat, Group Chat and language-based free chat rooms without registration.

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Upon revewing chat zozo I was instantly overwhelmed. There weren’t any images or anything eye catching about the main page, just links to the rooms and a lot of what seemed like forced information. When I say a lot of information, I am not exaggerating. It outlines pretty much everything about the chat site, but it does it in such a way that it’s hard to decide what the important information in all the blather for Google serps.

One thing I did find different about this site outside of all others is that this site really wants women to chat. It states several times that if women can prove that they are women, (and I will find out how they want me to prove that), they give the women special VIP status. Obviously this site wants to be female friendly.

Some of the features of this site are that it allows you to use any and all mobile emojis that you want, that it has webcams for private and public use video chat, and that you can use audio. There is also a voice messaging feature that intrigues me.

When logging in, I decided to register so that I could figure out how they determine whether I was female or not. The first room that I went into was Sex chat. There were 43 people in this particular room, and none of them are chatting. This room is completely dead. There were no bots, there was no spam, and there are no regulars chatting in the main. When trying the next room, the Adult room, I found that there are only 6 chatters in it, and none of these chatters are speaking either.

I received one private message while I was in the site, and that private message wouldn’t close. So I felt like I was chatting around a private message popup. After about ten minutes, more private messages began popping up, and it would finally let me get rid of a few, but not all of them. It seemed extremely glitchy to me.

I decided at this point to go check out the forums, and this seems to be the place where all the people are. I learned in the forums that the chat site itself is under construction and that the glitches could have possibly been a result of this. The forum is nice, and well used. It has content about pretty much everything, so if you enjoy the forums better than chats, this site might be for you.

The chat part of this site has very little activity. If you are looking for a place to just chat, this isn’t your place. Would I come back here? No. It was very forgettable, to be honest. Also, I never found out how to verify that I am female, so I will never know what it is to be a VIP.

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