Updated: 05/24/2024
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Chatt USA

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Online Chat Rooms without registration or signup. Chattusa is the best Free Online Chat.

Ad aggression Chat content quality Tech
5/10 1/10 HTML5
Adult Video Audio
Mobile Friend list Community features

During my chat site search I stumbled across a USA chat room, ChattUsa, not entirely sure what the addtional T is for but there you go. The homepage is fairly modern and basic, with a brief outline of the rules and the login information. It’s minimalistic and the only ad is at the very bottom of the page.

When logging into the chat room, the layout reminds me of a phone. There is a chat room area, where no one is chatting, but there are also private messages, that everyone is using. There are tons of spam bots fishing in the private messages. If there is any moderation going on here, I don’t know where they are and they certainly are not doing a good job protecting the chatters.

The site is extremely basic and easy to use. I fear it may be too easy, and therefore possible for kids to actually get in there and chat. It’s not clear on whether this is meant to really be an adult site to me, and once you are in the chat itself, there is no way to look at the terms of use to see if there is an age range.

There is no use of media content in here. You can’t even upload your own avatar. Everything is just very, very basic. I feel like if there were less bots and more people, this could be a place for my grandmother to chat, but as it is, I am starting to feel like I may be the only human in here.

This is probably the shortest review I have ever given about anything. There is just nothing to say about this place. It’s little. It has a small chatter population. There is no media content. Most of the chatters are spam bots. I get the feeling it's a site in Beta and it's directed solely towards mobile chat. I would skip this place entirely. It’s just too basic.

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