Updated: 06/24/2024
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Adult chat rooms on all adult cybersex subjects. Chat rooms require no registration or special software.

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Before you navigate to Chatropolis, please turn on your adblocker. There are tons of ads and popups. You can almost get lost in the amount of ads. The site itself is dated. I think that when I started chatting years ago, this layout was in use, and we are talking late 90’s early 00’s. The site has announcements that new things are coming soon, but it doesn’t say exactly wha or when.

There are links here to the terms of service as well as applications to moderate, and information about starting a cyber security branch with the site. While I find that to be an intriguing idea, I feel like the owner should put time and attention into updating his layout. It desperately needs it.

When going to check out the rooms, I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of them! There is a room for almost any sort of kink on this site. Also at this point I should state that this site is an explicit sex chat site and caters to all types of kinks, bdsm chat, porn chat and more, so don’t chat here with your kids around. When I click on the room I want, (which I start out in Analopolis, yes really), you have the terms of service listed out for you. Also something really neat is that you can choose your enter and exit message.

Just like the homepage, the chat rooms need updating, and badly. I was chatting on this sort of layout when Britney Spears released her first video. I am kind of shocked that it is still around. Inside the chat room, I don’t know how many are actually in here, but no one is chatting in the main. Several were posting porn gifs and pics, but actual conversation, not so much.

The only way to leave the room is to x out or to use your backspace to get to another room. If a room is full, you can’t get into it. You can upload pics to the site, but as far as video chat, think of this as being a chat that brings you back to 1997, and there were no webcams on your giant desktop pc with your dial up that disconnected every time your mom made a phone call. If you want a blast from the past, this is the place to chat.

This site is just bad. It’s outdated, and the chat is over run with porn pics. No one chats, and you have ads taking over half of your screen anyway so you wouldn’t know if they did start talking. I would save your time and go to another site. This one needs a face lift.

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