Updated: 06/24/2024
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Chatiw.us is unlike any chat site I have ever encountered, so much so that I don’t know if I would call it a chat site. I don’t know exactly what I would refer to this site as, but if you are looking for the traditional chat rooms feel, this isn’t it. At first I was skeptical, because I am a traditional chatter and like to look and feel of a normal community chat room. I did not find that look and feel here, and yet, I still kind of liked it.

First thing, the homepage is also your sign in page. You don’t have to register, however, I would absolutely suggest it if you want the best experience. Secondly, there isn’t a chat room. Essentially, this is like a private messaging site. When you log in, you basically sit in a list and you wait to be messaged, or you can yourself go an initiate a conversation. I did not have any issues, however I will say that I am female, and that worked to my benefit.

I have no idea how they would moderate a site like this, however I saw very few bots, and everything so far has been on the up and up. Everyone who has sent me a private message has been an actual human, and most of them have been delightful to chat with. I didn’t feel attacked or the need to prove myself, which leads me to believe this site is female friendly.

The chatters I encountered were friendly enough, and through chatting with the regular chatters I learned how to navigate my way around. Some features that this site offers besides the private messaging feel, is that you can upload media, and also cam chat with the person you are chatting. They offer a VIP status for about 5 dollars a month. This gives you more benefits, but I don’t know what they are.

Honestly, I don’t find the site horrible, but I just can’t get into the feel of it. If you like sites like chat roulette, this one is not a bad one, but if you are a traditional chatter, I’d give it a pass. There is an overwhelming amount of ads on this site what somewhat ruins the experience, paired with the fact that it will block you from accessing the user list if you use an Ad blocker.

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