Updated: 07/22/2024
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321 Chat

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We have free chat rooms on every topic for every age. Here you can private message, post pictures and steam your webcam

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7/10 3/10 HTML5
Adult Video Audio
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321Chat.com has been around for a long time. This site is supposed to be family friendly, and therefore allows children and teenagers to chat here. I've yet to come across a family friendly chat site that was well maintained and could safely support teen chat rooms, could this be the one...

When logging in, I see that we can guest here as well as register. If you don’t mind having personal information out there, they also give an option to log in using your Facebook. While I feel like on an adult site, this could be an awesome idea, on a site that allows children, I don’t feel that great about it.

The teen room on this site is the most populated at about 78 chatters in. Because I am a guest, when entering a room I am instantly muted for a minute. I understand why they do this, but I do feel like there are better ways to go about determining if the chatter is a bot or not. A great thing that I am noticing are that there are mods in this room. There are no bots and the chatters are having a decent conversation. I will say that it is refreshing to see this in a teen room for once. I would actually be okay with my teen chatting in this room.

I also liked that when my teen is chatting in the teen room, I can chat in the adult chat. It is the third most popular room, but I only saw 20 chatters on at a time. This room also has a mod. The room is very slow moving, however occasionally you can get a good conversation going. This is also a clean room and very well moderated as there are no bots.

Some great things about this site are the ability to upload your media content. You can post pics, and gifs as well as cam, and post YouTube videos in the rooms. The chatters are friendly and welcoming, however it is a low populated site. They allow you to listen to music as you chat with an in chat radio, however if you can change the channel, I haven’t figured out yet. You may have to listen to Drake for an hour. I’m sorry. Another awesome feature is that when a chatter posts outside links, the mod can erase them, making it a spam free experience.

It’s a slow little site. I like that it’s a decent place for teens to come, but It’s not for me, an adult. I am leery about letting kids and adults chat on the same site, this site seems to making it work well.

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