Updated: 04/15/2024
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Adult Chat rooms explained.

sex chat
Sep 21, 2018

Adult Chat.

The primary use of online chat rooms in this day and age is for Adult Chat. This does not mean a group of users over the age of 18 having a nice casual chat. Most users of chat rooms these days are simply looking for explicit conversation, cyber sex, trading nude selfies and any other form of connection with other adults for a cyber sex chat experience.

Adults tend not to socially interact any other way due to the rise of social media. The anonymity of free chat rooms makes it one of the last frontiers for social sex experimentation, pushing boundaries and looking to explore sexual desires that some people shy about for their every day lives. You can't really do this kind of thing on the mainstream Facebook and Instagram platforms which is why Free Adult Sex Chat is still a big thing.

It's important to remain careful when selecting a sex chat room to call home. With that anonymity comes dangers. Adult chat rooms tend to be populated with a lot of chat users, well at least the good chat sites are. This attracts spammers which we've gone into detail on before.


With every great set of free adult chat rooms comes spam, other users typically in third world countries pretending to be attractive young girls. They'll bait you in with fake pics, share their Skype, Kik or SnapChat user handle and then try to make you sign up to a website in which they earn money. Some of the blatant ones will try to extort money from you directly via PayPal or another third party payment processor, in exchange for showing you a video.

Be careful out there! Select free chat rooms nearer the top of our directory to be sure you're using a trusted adult chat site where moderation and spam is kept under control.

Sex Chat.

In most cases and depending on the individual chat site, it's normally around a 4 to 1 ratio of males vs females in live chat rooms of this nature. Men typically are more attracted to this sort of thing, although many women enjoy it too! As you can imagine, real females in sex chat rooms are pestered constantly, normally receiving hundreds of private messages more than they can cope with, which is why it's important to choose the right chat site. Certain chat room software offers options that protect females from this kind of thing, allow them to set in depth privacy controls so they can only be contacted by certain people, at certain times that suit them. There are several way to increase your chances from a male perspective to stand out in a sex chat room which we'll go into detail on:

Standing out in sex chat rooms:


  • Be polite, ask first in the main chat room before private messaging a female, it's always good to get to know them first.
  • Don't immediately get the dick pics out, set the mood first.
  • Have an engaging conversation, yes some girls just want e-dick, but a lot of the role playing females that use utilize live chatting like an intellectual guy that can hold a conversation.
  • Do not be overly aggressive and demand things immediately, suss out your intended target and find thing out about her she may like, and use them to your advantage.